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Are you a homeowner looking for a reliable solar installer?

Are you a Commercial or Industrial property owner looking for a Commercial Solar System Integrator?

Are you a local solar installers interested in joining our local partners?

Are you a Utility Company looking for an online solar marketplace for your customers?

If so, you are at the right place.

For Utility Companies

It is estimated that over $1 Tirrilion Dollars worth of solar panels will be installed on the roof tops in the United States over the next 3 decades. The whole world is shifting from Centralized Fossil Fuel Power Generation to Distributed Renewable Power Generation. Solar is NOT a COST. It is an opportunity.   A BIG ONE!      Are you looking for an online solar marketplace to help your customers go solar the right way? If so, we can help.

For Solar Installers

There are over 10,000 solar installers in the United States...

Over half of all solar installations in the U.S. are carried out by small and medium (S&M) Solar Companies. These S&M companies have an urgent need to streamline their business to better manage their project to become competitive and profitable. BUT, they must have the right partnerships and the right tools to meet or exceed their needs... That is where we come in place to help.

Join us as a local installation partner and take your business to the next level.

For Lenders

Are you a competitive solar lender? If so, we should talk. We allow lender APIs to our cloud-based solar installation system so our installers match their customers with the right financing option based on their customers' financial needs and wants.

For Homeowners

We have a network of pre-qualified solar companies in our marketplace. So, when you decide to go solar our automated marketplace shops for you to connect you with the right solar company based on the your actual project needs.

As you may know, installing a solar system is more a confusing construction project than anything else.  There are many moving parts (such as design, hardware, permit, financing, etc.) in a solar installation ,  so it becomes confusing and frustrating for most homeowners to go solar. Our automated online solar marketplaces have made it simple for homeowners to go solar with confidence and save a lot more on their Electricity Bill        with no upfront costs.


Advisors don’t want to be concerned about the operation, installation and the lending side of the business, as they need to be focused on doing a great job at helping their customers to pick the right solar installation package in terms of price, product, installer, lender, etc.


Installers want to focus on the installation process and the quality of work, not spending their hard-earned money on sales and marketing.


Lenders want to be focused on their core business, which is providing competitive loan options with flexible terms, without being concerned about marketing and sales.


Homeowners want to get the best deal aligned with their needs and goals from a trusted service provider.



Our two sided integrated solar installation system connects customers with our certified local installation partners through our automated online solar marketplaces on one side  while  lowering costs for our local installation partners by our cloud based tool on the other side. It is a win-win.

We strive for top quality of solar installations for our customers.

Our local installation partners go through a diligence process to join our network and then they are required to complete an extensive training to become certified.

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Online Solar Marketplace
Integrated Solar Installation System
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