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Our solutions have been designed to address your needs. We offer a wide range of services to Utility Companies, Energy Agencies, Solar Installers, Solar Financing Companies and Homeowners to simplify the solar acquiring process for the end users. Join us!

For Utilities/Energy Agencies

We empower utility companies to offer their own online solar marketplace to their customers in order to help them find the right solar installer, and go solar the right way. This solution includes; Customization, Deployment, Implementation and Administration of the marketplace. Our team of experts will assist you from start to finish.

For Solar Installers

You are on the forefront of the solar movement. Our solutions are designed to increase your business volume while lowering your Costs of Acquisition (COA). We provide the following products and services to solar installers:

  • Dynamic Proposal Tool

  • Solar e-Commerce enablement

  • CRM and Marketing automation

For Lenders

Are you a Credit Union? Looking to optimize your process to increase your business volume and customer satisfaction? We can help! We provide you with an online process (customized for you), that benefits you and your customers. Are you a lender in the solar industry looking to expand your network of approved installers? Call us. We are here to help.

For Homeowners

Looking for the right solar installer? No problem our FREE online solar marketplace (www.SolarYellowPages.com) empowers you to view packages offered by our verified solar installers, compare them side by side and then choose the one that best works for you. Go solar with confidence and save more. Click HERE if you are interested in learning more about solar.


Advisors don’t want to be concerned about the operation, installation and the lending side of the business, as they need to be focused on doing a great job at helping their customers to pick the right solar installation package in terms of price, product, installer, lender, etc.


Installers want to focus on the installation process and the quality of work, not spending their hard-earned money on sales and marketing.


Lenders want to be focused on their core business, which is providing competitive loan options with flexible terms, without being concerned about marketing and sales.


Homeowners want to get the best deal aligned with their needs and goals from a trusted service provider.

Increasing revenue while lowering costs

Either you are a Utility Company/Energy Agency, Solar Installer or a lender, our platform and services are designed to increase your revenue stream while lowering your Costs of Acquisition.

Cost of acquisition (COA) in the solar industry is currently 9% of the total costs according to Energy.gov. And, 64% of the costs are imposed by the stubborn soft costs such as COA. Moreover, the 30% federal tax credit is diminishing over the next few years. That means, the industry needs to lower costs.

Let’s lower costs, save the planet and make money!

We strive to streamline the solar acquiring process to achieve a better customer satisfaction and lower costs. Purchasing a solar power system should not be any more difficult than buying a laptop or a desktop computer. We enable Utility Companies/Energy Agencies and Solar Installers to apply Michael Dell’s “Build to Order” strategy. That is while we empower a network of local credit unions and solar loan brokers to address a wider range of customers’ financial needs. Going solar made simple!

Products, Services and Benefits

Online solar marketplace
For Utility Companies/Energy Agencies
Increased Revenue
Vetting Solar Installers
For Utility Companies/Energy Agencies
Better Quality
Solar e-Commerce enablement
For Solar Installers
Increased Revenue
Marketing Strategies
For Solar Installers
Lower COM
Marketing Automation
For Solar Installers
Lower COM
CRM Automation
For Solar Installers
Lower Costs
Dynamic Proposal Tool
For Solar Installers
More Installations
For Solar Installers
More Installations
Process efficiency
For Solar Installers&Lenders
Lower Costs

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