The Energy Advisor Hub Launches Proprietary Platform Aimed at Disrupting Solar Industry as Usual


Choosing what solar panel installer to work with can be a time-consuming headache. The Energy Advisor Hub solves that problem with their new Cloud-based platform.

Interest in solar energy continues to rise, along with the number of companies offering installations. While exciting, many experts agree, this causes problems when it comes to homeowners finding the right solar power company to work with based on quality, product specification, financing and price. Each appointment can take hours, a drain of time and resources. The good news is The Energy Advisor Hub recently announced the launch of their Cloud-based platform aimed at disrupting this industry for the better. The platform allows homeowners to see multiple solar power company installation offers at one time, so they can choose which option meets their needs best, quickly and reliably. The platform has been greeted with a great deal of enthusiasm.

“Cloud-Based Technologies are playing an important role in revolutionizing all industries,” commented Amir Salahi, CEO of The Energy Advisor Hub. “The solar industry is no exception and it needed to be revolutionized by industry experts. Today, what is missing in the solar industry is the trust and transparency between installers and homeowners. Our aim is to increase the transparency while lowering the soft costs of the solar installation. Our team of solar industry experts, along with our engineering team, created the online platform called Energy Advisor Hub. We have conducted many interviews with homeowners, solar installers and Energy Advisers to come up with a solution that is practical in solving the existing problems.”

Salahi continued with passion, “Our platform offers transparency and clarity, while lowering costs for everybody through shared resources. Homeowners will save time and money (short and long-term) with their solar project, Solar Installers will install more profitable projects and Energy Advisers will increase their closing ratio. It is a total win-win-win for all concerned. I am excited to announce is revolutionizing the whole industry and taking it to the next, better level. We will never stop advancing our technology and the evolution of the revolution has begun.”

According to the platform they are able to drive down prices through a number of different methods, including highlights like sharing resources, vetting all partners and projects, delivering real-time updates, and always keeping their focus on maximizing savings for homeowners while also increasing profits for advisors and installers.

Quotes are compared instantly, along with loan possibilities being presented adding even more value to the platform.

Early feedback has been very positive.

Chris S., from California, said in a five-star review, “I was lucky to be able to try out a beta of The Energy Advisory Hub and they for sure put me in touch with the right solar panel company to meet out homes exact needs. We saved a good deal of money as well. Fully recommended.”

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About The Energy Advisor Hub

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