Generally speaking, an Energy Advisor (aka Energy Consultant or solar advisor or solar consultant) is a professional with extensive experience and knowledge about solar power systems, available solar financing, etc. You may want to know what is the difference between an Energy Advisor and EAH Energy Advisor. In order to cover the differences let’s start with explaining what EAH is.

EAH stands for Energy Advisor Hub, which is a technology company in the area of solar power systems. They have improved the transparency between the solar installers and homeowners while lowering the soft costs of installing solar power systems. This means a lot of benefits for all parties involved such as:

  • Homeowners go solar with confidence due to improved transparency and more competitive pricing.
  • Solar installers will be busier by getting more profitable projects without upfront marketing investments.
  • EAH Energy Advisors will conduct their business with more confidence and will help more families which means more money for them too.

Here is how it works:

  1. Homeowners go to Solar Yellow Pages Platform to pick their trusted EAH Advisor
  2. EAH Advisor meets with the homeowner for a quick site evaluation and needs analysis
  3. EAH Advisor will use Energy Advisor Hub cloud-based platform to pair the homeowner with the right local solar installer based on homeowner’s needs and house specifications. Homeowners will receive multiple quotes from local solar installers instantly and their experienced and licensed EAH Energy Advisor will explain the differences between the quotes and answer all of their questions like a caring concierge rep. As a result, the homeowner will make an educated decision.
  4. EAH Advisor uses Energy Advisor Hub cloud-based platform to find the right solar loan for the homeowner if they want to finance their system.
  5. EAH Advisor will assist the homeowner from start to finish until their solar power system is operational.

And the best part…EAH Advisors are all fully vetted and they are all experienced and licensed. Moreover, they are not representing one or two solar installers and they will not use pushy sales techniques to convince you to work with the only installer that they represent. EAH Energy Advisors are connected (via the HUB) to all the top rated local solar installers, so their goal is to help you go solar with the right solar installer. It is easy to find your trusted EAH Energy Advisor by clicking HERE. Go solar today with confidence.