The Energy Advisor Hub Launches Proprietary Platform

Choosing what solar panel installer to work with can be a time-consuming headache. The Energy Advisor Hub solves that problem with their new Cloud-based platform.

Local solar installer

How to choose a solar installer?

Installing a solar power system for your house is a smart decision to lower or eliminate your electric bill, (depending on the solar program you choose), and increase your property value-- while saving this planet for everyone! In the meantime, not many homeowners know

Solar Loans

What kind of solar financing works better for me?

To ensure you get optimum results on your solar projects, it is important to find the right solar financing. There are different options to choose from when it comes to the installation of a solar power system for your house:

What roof types are better for solar installation?

A lot of homeowners have the impression that their roof types are not good for the installation of solar panels. This is probably due to the fact that they met with a solar company that is not specialized in their type of roof and this has cost many homeowners lots of savings. The installation of solar power systems

Investment Tax Credit

How a solar tax credit helps homeowners?

The Solar Tax Credit, also known as Investment Tax Credit (ITC), is a Federal Financial Incentive for residential solar projects administered by U.S. Internal Revenue Service. It was Established

Choose you solar installation method.

Solar Installation Methods

Solar Power Systems can be installed in a few different ways depending on the actual application and the specifications of the job site.

Roof Mount: This is the easiest and least

solar tariffs vs ITC

What are the effects of solar panel tariffs with the cost of solar power systems?

It was announced in January 2018, by the office of the U.S. Trade Representative that President Trump had imposed tariffs on imported solar panels. A lot of homeowners want to know if this will increase the cost of solar panel installations. The short answer is “Yes”, but there is still


If you are looking into installing a solar power system for your house, you know there are hundreds of different solar panels in the market due to the following variables and almost all of them of are good for depending upon the applications