Become your customer’s trusted Online Solar Advisor!

Either you are a Utility Company or a Solar Energy Agency, we have the right solution for you. Our white-label platform allows you to start your own branded online solar marketplace to help your customers go solar the right way. Your customers simply define what they need and your smart online marketplace makes relative recommendations. Take your customers’ solar experience to the next level and generate more revenue.

Need us to Implement and Administer your marketplace? Not a problem. We are here to help. Our experience managing Home Depot and Best Buy channels for national solar companies has given us the experience to provide you with everything your need from start to finish. Benefits of starting your online solar marketplace include but are not limited to: A new source of revenue, a better customer satisfaction, accelerating SOLAR ADOPTION.

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We utilize our proprietary software to deploy and implement your online solar marketplace with minimum involvement and investment on your side.


Our extensive experience managing high volume lead generating accounts such as Home Depot and Best Buy has given us a good insight and understanding of how to Administer your marketplace. Our platform and services help your customers to go solar the right way and save more money while you generate revenue for your organization. This is while you are helping your State to meet its 100% CARBON FREE goal. This model has become very popular for Utility Companies and Energy Agencies.

Network of Solar Installers

We understand one of the biggest challenges for any online marketplaces is to monitor and maintain the quality of work that installers offer. We have made it simple for you by offering a rating system to your customers, so customers rate their installers. And, installers must always provide their best services, otherwise they may lose their privileges to offer packages on your marketplace. Moreover, we help you with the installer's evaluation and on-boarding with our proprietary evaluation process and procedures.

Believe in a better way.  Save the planet.


Our success is measured by your success.

Homeowners go to your website when they are looking into installing solar panels for their houses and all they need is an unbiased advise. Our white-label online marketplace enables you to become your customers’ trusted and unbiased online Solar Advisor.

Many states such as CA, NJ, NY, NM and many more have adopted 100% CARBON FREE goals. Help your state to meet it’s goals by making it easier for your customers to go solar the right way!

How it works?

You are four easy steps away from becoming your customers’ trusted online solar advisor.

Step 1

Evaluation, proposal and contract signing

Step 2

Deployment and implementation of your online solar marketplace.

Step 3

Administration, on going training and support.

Step 4

Help your customers save more money while you make money.

Additional Services

  • Deployment, Implementation and administration of online residential solar marketplaces for Utility Companies and Energy Agencies.
  • Commercial and Industrial solar plus battery project fulfillment.

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