End to end solutions backed by cloud-technology (C-T), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

One login to our cloud platform enables you to manage your whole business more efficiently. We help solar companies stay relevant in today’s competitive market while making more money. Are you ready to take your business to the next level? What is your marketing efficiency score? What is your sales strategy? What percentage of your business is generated online vs offline? How much is your cost of COM currently? How much is your COA? What percentage of your COA is imposed by your COM? Do you have an online store that allows your customers to buy directly from you on your website? Do you have a solar advisor team? How do you communicate your promotional packages with your team (in real-time) based on the promotional packages that you receive from your suppliers, vendors and sub-contractors? What kind of proposal tools do you offer to your team to win in the competition? We can help you take a better control over your solar business and grow faster. Our services for solar installers include:

  • Deploying white-label (Digitized) Solar Sales Software
    • Financing
    • Solar, Battery and Electric Vehicle (EV) calculations
    • Load justification
    • Proposal
    • Project Management Board
    • And, more…
  • Building online solar divisions
  • Recruiting and Training Solar Advisors
  • Originating Ready to install projects by SolarYellowPages.com

Our services shall bring business optimization to our customers!

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Our dynamic solutions are made for you

Minimize your costs

Our sales and marketing platform and services enable you to lower your Costs of Marketing (COM) and Costs of Acquisition (COA) per project. This is while our CRM services streamlines and automates your operational processes which should result in a better customer satisfaction. How do we do this? First, we empower your team with a white-label dynamic proposal tool that helps them address a wider range of customer needs. As a result, their closing ratio shall increase. Moreover, we can provide you with an online marketing platform to capture and manage your leads without your constant involvement. Last but not least, we can also provide you with CRM automation to make it easier for your sales team to handover their projects to your operations team.

Maximize on your leads

Our proprietary platform and services allow you to increase your business volume by maximizing on your existing leads while sending you ready to install solar projects.

-Adding an online solar and battery store to your website. Must have the right tools and solutions for the new generations who purchase everything online. This is becoming more and more popular for solar installers to add an online store to capture their online traffic in a better manner. Wondering which companies have benefited from similar strategies? Well, Dell Computers!

-Empowering your Advisor Team with a cloud-based and affordable dynamic proposal tool to give them a competitive advantage in today's competitive solar market.

Increase your revenue

Once you become a HUB enabled solar company, then you will receive ready to install solar projects from our online solar marketplace, SolarYellowPages.com. A HUB enabled solar company is a company which utilizes our proposal tool and e-Commerce platform. Please call us today if you have any questions regarding how to become a HUB enabled solar company and how much it costs you. (833) 2-THE-HUB

Our success is measured by your success

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More projects – less expenses

Our platform helps you install more solar and energy storage systems while lowering your costs. This means more revenue and increased profitability. Take the first step and call us today to find our what we can do for you. (833) 2-THE-HUB


Other solutions
white-label (Digitized) Solar Sales Software
Building online solar divisions for installers
Recruiting and Training Solar Advisors
Originating Ready to install solar projects


How does it work?

You’re four easy steps away from increasing your profitability.

Step 1

Contact us for more information. (833) 2-THE-HUB

Step 2

Company evaluation, solutions, proposal, plan and contract signing.

Step 3

Deployment, Implementation and Execution

Step 4

Increase your revenue, lower your costs and maximize your profitability

Minimum requirements to become a HUB enabled installer

  • At least 2 years of experience installing solar PV and Energy Storage Systems
  • Minimum $1 M in annual revenue for the past 2 years
  • Licensed and insured
  • Reputation for excellent customer service and quality solar installations
  • Uses high-quality solar equipment

Our cloud-based platform and services are your gateway to the future of the solar industry.

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